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Medical Conference with the participation of specialists from the “Nadiya”clinicin Israel

February 5, an international medical conference on the subject of “Novel clinical approach for patients with oocyte failure: ooplasme donation with oocyte and zygote reconstruction ” took place in Tel Aviv.

Representatives of the Clinic of Reproductive medicine “Nadiya” accepted the invitation of colleagues from Israel and made the report about the innovative method of pronuclear transfer. The world’s first child was born in the Ukraine in January 2017 with the use of this method.

Valery Zukin, director of “Nadia” clinic, PhD, told colleagues about the past, present and future of nuclear transfer in human reproduction.

Embryologist of “Nadiya” clinic, Pavlo Mazur shared his experience with colleagues about “Nuclear transfer technique”.

Many thanks to the Association of human reproduction of Israel for the invitation and the interest in this subject.