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Participation in the International Congress on ART in New York

The team of the Nadiya clinic took part in the International congress on assisted reproductive technologies, which was held October 25-26 in New York.

This year, the congress for specialists from around the world was opened by the director of the Nadiya clinic Valery Zukin with a report on the genetic markers for the embryo development arrest.
Pavel Mazur, embryologist was the second speaker from the Clinic of reproductive medicine “Nadiya” at the congress, who shared with his colleagues the successful experience of donating cytoplasm and told about the comparison of the methods of pronuclear transfer.

The Congress on Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART World Congress) is an annual event for infertility specialists from around the world. This year a considerable attention was paid to the experience of the pronuclear transfer of Ukrainian specialists from the Nadiya clinic (the birth of a child from DNA of 3 parents (mother, father and cytoplasm donor), thanks to which the couple, suffering from infertility for 15 years, was able to become parents without donation of the egg.